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Welcome to the Mobile Action Ministries site!

Mobile Action Ministries was organized July 26, 2011. We are a Minnesota non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt public charity. Our mission is to prepare and serve hot, nutritionally balanced meals to the homeless and hungry using a licensed mobile kitchen. We hope this site keeps you up-to-date on the ministry and how to get involved.  Sign up for a volunteer account today.  See you on the truck!

7 Dec 14

First Quarter Volunteer Slots Open
Our January to March volunteer slots are open.  We look forward to seeing you on the truck.
6:51 pm cst 

4 Sep 14

Special Fundraiser Update
To continue our Saturday service, we sent out a special fundraising request to collect 26 weeks of meals to cover August 2 to January 24.  Serving 250 per week at 2.50 per meal that equals 625 per week and 16,250 total.  To date, we have collected 10,412 which covers August 2 to November 15.  We are hoping to collect the remaining funds by the end of September so we can plan for the colder weather.  Peace to you!
4:18 pm cdt 

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